Yale University is actually a private Ivy League research university that is all American and can be found in New Haven, Connecticut. It is considered to be as the oldest academe there is that provides high education in the United States of America. It is chartered to be as the collegiate school.  In 1718, it was renamed as to Yale College in honor of Elihu Yale, who was a governor of the British East India Company.

It has also been as a founding member of the AA or Association of the American Universities in the year 1900. It also has been transformed ever since the 1930 via the establishment of residential colleges. It also has 5,300 undergraduate students and 6,100 professionals and graduate students.Yale


According to the 2012 edition of the U.S. News and World Report, it ranked 3rd place in the national university for at the most 15 years. In the year 2011, it ranks 4th place in QS World University Rankings and also 10th spot in the 2010 edition of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.  For the past four years, Yale has being ranked in the top five spot. In addition to that, it also is being ranked 5th place in the best universities in world for humanities and arts.

 It’s in the 11th place in the year 2010, basing on the Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s Academic Ranking of the World Universities. While the Agriculture Sciences ranks 9th place, Clinical Medicine and Pharmacy in the 21st spot, 8th spot for the Social Sciences, 25th place in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics and 76 to 100th spot is the Technology or Engineering and Computer Sciences.


All in all, the Yale University has 12 residential colleges which include Berkeley College, Calhoun College, Branford College, Davenport College, Ezra Stiles College, Jonathan Edwards College, Trumbull College, Timothy Dwight College, Silliman College, Saybrook College, Pierson College, and Morse College. Every college has their own master, dean, resident fellows and affiliated faculty. Aside from that, it also has distinctive architecture, common room, classrooms, dining hall, secluded courtyards, chapels, squash courts, cafes, libraries, pool tables, dark room or short order dining counters. In addition to that, it also offers social events, master’s teas, and seminars that are open to students from the other residential halls or colleges. The students are given room assignment in their freshmen years. Actually, there are two residential colleges which are the Timothy and Silliman College.


With regards to athletic area, it supports at the most 35 athletic teams which have competed in Ivy League Conference, New England Intercollegiate Sailing Association and Eastern College Athletic Conference. Its Yale Crew is one of the oldest athletic team known in America which bagged the Olympic Games Gold Medals for men in the year 1924 and 1956.  Aside from that, the Yale Corinthian Yacht Club became the oldest sailing club in the entire world.

Way back in the year, 19654 and 1982, the residential college teams as well as student organizations have played the bladder ball and invented Frisbee via the tossing of the empty Frisbie Pie Company tins.